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Derin Canev
I went to Semboldis with an emergency complaint of pain. I had root canal treatment and tooth extraction. I would like to thank the relevant dr Mustafa and his team and recommend it to everyone...
Hüsnü Seyisoğlu
With the advice of a friend, I went and had implants and porcelain teeth made by adding 12 bone powders. They managed to replace the teeth I lost by shaking after a 6-month marathon. Having to use the palate scared me a lot. I'm glad I came here. They managed the process very well with minimal pain. I would recommend it to friends without hesitation.
Bahadır Sandalcı
A clinic I came to on recommendation. My dental problems were too many and I was afraid. I was examined by Dr. Mustafa and he told me what to do and one by one he gave zirconium coating to all my teeth. My smile changed my mouth structure. I had very aesthetic and natural teeth. I waited for 1 month and they deserved this comment. I am very happy, I recommend it to everyone. Thank you very much, Doctor Mustafa.
Asiye Kadirov
I had my prostheses done at the Semboldis, which I found on the internet. I was very pleased with both their transparency and their treatment. I would recommend it to everyone.
Rana Kaleli
I applied to change my smile, which I did not like. They designed an aesthetic smile in a very short time with the digital zirconium they proposed. In addition, they did the treatment by consulting me about every detail and giving an idea beforehand with the temporary teeth they had prepared. I was very satisfied. Many thanks to Doctor Mustafa and Mrs.Burcu , who is always smiling...