Implant Over Prosthesis

All On Four System

Fixed porcelain crowns, bridges or removable prostheses can be made on implants with artificial tooth roots, as in natural teeth. In fixed prostheses over implants, the cut teeth are replaced by abutments adapted on the implant. Metal-supported and zirconium-based crown-bridges can be made by taking measurements on these appliances. In addition, removable acrylic prostheses that can be adapted to implant superstructures can be made by providing retention from implants.

What is All on four?

It is applied in patients who have no teeth in the jaw. If the bone level is insufficient to support the implant in the posterior region, it is the application of four implants placed at certain angles in the anterior region of the mental nerve. A fixed prosthesis is placed on these angled four implants and a prosthesis covering the entire jaw area is provided.

How To Care For Prosthesis Over Implants?

Fixed prostheses over the implants should be brushed every day, and the underbody should be cleaned with a special interface brush and dental floss. Removable prostheses, on the other hand, should be removed and cleaned every night, and the periphery of the implant should be carefully brushed.