Traumatized Teeth

Traumatized Teeth

Accidents can occur in children during various activities and especially fractures in the anterior teeth and injuries to the lips and gums. In such cases, panic should not be made, if possible, the broken part should be found and the physician should be consulted with it. If the tooth is completely out of its socket, it should be washed without touching the tooth too much, it should not be tried to be placed in its place, it should be brought into saliva or milk.

How Are Broken Teeth Treated?

In traumatic cases, if the fracture area is not large and does not reach the viable part of the tooth, it can be repaired with composite fillings. In the remaining part of the broken front teeth, the area related to the aesthetic composite materials in harmonious color is completed without any cutting carving process. A natural and aesthetic appearance is gained by masking the broken line. If it includes the pulp of the broken tooth, more advanced options such as root canal treatment and porcelain crown are started.

How Are Teeth Coming Out Of Their Nests Treated?

The tooth is first cleaned properly by the dentist and carefully placed into the socket. Then the tooth is fixed by splinting with neighboring teeth. If it is a tooth whose root formation has been completed or if the vitality of the tooth cannot be maintained, root canal treatment is applied to prevent the tooth from becoming infected. When proper fixation is achieved, the splint is removed and the treatment is completed and the patient is followed up.