Removable Dentures

Removable Dentures

If the loss of teeth in the mouth is large enough and not sufficient to support, the removable acrylic prostheses are made. These prostheses are called removable partial dentures. These prostheses are attached to the existing teeth in the mouth by means of hooks or precision connections and ensure their retention. If there is no tooth left in the mouth, the prostheses prepared by taking the palate measurements are called total removable prostheses. These prostheses provide retention by taking support from the existing palate structure. Therefore, it is critical that the palates have sufficient volume. In some cases, the crests of the palate, called crest, become smaller and flatten over the years. Since total removable prostheses provide retention from the crests, their application becomes difficult in this case. Therefore, in such cases, 4-5 implants can be placed in the relevant jaw and the total prosthesis can be adapted to these implants.

How Are Partial Removable Dentures Prepared?

Existing teeth in the mouth are covered and support is obtained from these teeth by hook or precision connection method. Then, prostheses are prepared in the laboratory by taking oral measurements. First, the metal skeleton structure of the prosthesis is prepared and prvaed. The prosthesis is then completed by placing acrylic and teeth.

How Are Total Removable Dentures Prepared?

First of all, a sensitive measurement is taken by making various cheek movements from the patient. In addition, the vertical size of the patient's mouth when closed is determined appropriately. After several rehearsals, the prostheses are delivered. The bruises and mild wounds that occur in the mouth during the first period of prosthesis are normal. With the detection and elimination of the strikes, the prosthesis becomes stable as the patient gets used to it. Since fractures may occur in the upper prosthesis over time, the prosthesis can be strengthened by placing a metal skeleton in acrylic to protect it from this situation.

How To Clean Removable Dentures?

Oral environment is an area where many bacteria are found. With the arrival of removable prostheses, the area where bacteria can concentrate and accumulate is also increasing. If the prostheses are not cleaned properly and are not removed at night, they can cause serious problems such as mouth sores and infections. Therefore, moving prostheses should be brushed every day before going to bed like natural teeth, and should be kept in a suitable solution and container until morning.