Preventive Dentistry for Adults

Preventive Dentistry for Adults

Preventive dentistry is of great importance as dental caries and gum diseases do not give symptoms until they progress and become serious. For this purpose, routine dentist controls should be visited, ideal oral hygiene should be provided in line with the physician's recommendation. By recognizing and preventing possible problems in advance, an advantage will be gained in terms of both quality of life and high treatment costs.

How Is Ideal Oral Hygiene Achieved?

The teeth should be brushed from the gums to the teeth with a medium soft toothbrush twice a day. One of the brushing should be before going to bed at night and nothing should be consumed after this brushing. The interfaces of the teeth are at least as critical as their visible surfaces. Often neglecting this point, interface caries and gum diseases occur frequently. Because the bristles of toothbrushes cannot reach these interfaces sufficiently. The interface cleaning of the teeth is carried out with dental floss or special interface brushes. Flossing should also be done once every day before going to bed at night. In addition, the tongue should be cleaned with a toothbrush or special tongue cleaning apparatus.

How Often Should The Dentist Check-Up?

Dental caries do not cause any symptoms until they reach the living tissue of the tooth. When it reaches the living part and causes pain, it is very advanced, but can be treated with root canal treatment. In addition, gum diseases can develop insidiously and patients may notice in advanced but advanced stages. For these reasons, individuals should go to a dentist check-up every 6 months even if they do not have any complaints about their teeth. Thus, any problems that may occur will be detected by examination and radiography at an early stage, and early intervention will be provided.